Radio Free Canada is on the air, and freshening up the airwaves…
Welcome! You’ve arrived at Canada’s most creative and exclusive boutique style radio commercial company.
Radio Free Canada Inc. provides a discriminating clientele with groundbreaking and effective radio commercials to successfully compete in an ever-changing market and fluid economy. How? Our rigorous standards ensure that everyone in our organization – without exception – has a minimum grade 9 education. And we’re willing to put that in writing, so you know you’re getting quality.
Yes, we’re exciting, innovative, professional…and all those other superlative adjectives you’d find on any other home page. So let’s just cut to the chase:
We know it’s hard for you to get all lathered up over what we do. After all, it’s our business. However, ourbusiness is about helping your business. And as we all know, there’s no business like show business.
Your success is our success. With Radio Free Canada, you’ll finally be able to pay off those bills, lease a blimp, and take up taxidermy.
Radio Free Canada: Success starts here.
And how do we spell success? S-u-c-c-e-s-s.
Same as Webster’s.