Given the fact that top ranking officials in the US government are facing indictment charges these days, we know better than to go and start spilling our sources out on this page…
However, rest assured that our clients are numerous, successful, and happy to know that we honour their confidentiality (we even sign agreements to that effect ) and we pride ourselves on creating outstanding work that gets noticed.

We’re convinced this shroud of secrecy our clients demand from us is partly due to the fact that they’ve discovered something you haven’t: Radio Free Canada. Yes, us.
We have become their secret weapon in the wide world of radio advertising, and they just don’t want you to have that same edge. After all, we’re known for client satisfaction and delivering “the goods”. But, now that you know…
If you want a radio commercial, that’s your business.

If you want an outstanding radio commercial to give you that edge – and possibly an award – that’s our business.

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