JACOB KESSLER (General Manager)

Aka: “heir apparent”, “silent genius”
The last name is no coincidence. Clearly, nepotism runs rampant in the industry and Jake has very close ties to our investor/mentor. Let’s face it, you can see the family resemblance. DNA doesn’t lie. Yes, Jacob is in fact a Syd Kessler production.
A protégé of his father, Jacob has been groomed to take over the “family business”, and has been proving himself an invaluable asset in virtually every capacity (though, he still can’t forge the old man’s signature to save his life). Jacob’s unique education in advertising provides him an insight that few could ever dream of. The shared DNA of a maverick mogul genius can’t help but rub off…

Affable, modest and hardworking, Jacob has been known to answer the phones, reply to e-mails, pay bills, take lunches and dust the skid of awards hanging around the office when not secretly planning a coup to overthrow the current regime.

Sure he might be young, but in dog years, he’d be dead.

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