(Duchess of Marketing & Project Development, & Makeup Designer)
Aka: “Babe”(as in the talking pig -ed)

Hard to believe, but she’s not just another pretty face.
Years of experience on some of the most dynamic and demanding television projects, Sue Upton is one of Canada’s most sought after make-up designers (This Hour Has 22 Minutes, Canadian Idol). Her clients have ranged from TV stars, rock music superstars, well-known actors, producers and directors all over Canada and the U.S.A. to Prime Ministers, children’s entertainers, comedians and a couple of drag queens. So you know she’s a “people person”…
Equally at ease with Nobel Prize winners, Oscar winners, Emmy Award or Grammy winners, Sue is no stranger to recognition herself. She was the unprecedented 6 time recipient of the “Lunch” award for neat eating in her grade 3 school.

Most radio commercial houses don’t think of having an inhouse make-up designer, but it’s all about making you look good – no matter what we have to do.

Complimentary makeovers are available with every purchase. Who else can offer you that?

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