SYD KESSLER (Investor)

Aka: “the mogul” or “the Guru”

This guy is a true legend in the advertising business. Maybe you’ve heard of him, maybe you haven’t…either way, it doesn’t matter, because here’s the dirt:
He owned advertising in the 80s. About 1 out of 3 commercials you saw on TV at that time was one of his. He was a mogul. He built an empire. He was the lord emperor. He was about 5’10” tall.
So, how does one pave the way to moguldom, you might ask?
Who knows? But, here’s the short version of Syd’s story:

He starts his career in the U.S.of A as writer/producer for Chuck Blore Creative Services, known as the top creative radio production company back in the late Jurassic era (read: 60s & 70s). Then, out of the blue, the folks from “Let’s Make a Deal” make him a deal, and he develops a game show called “the Crosswits”, and that runs on ABC for 6 seasons. Syd then returns to Canada…produces more radio spots …lots of success…grabs some partners…more success…things grow…then a merger…top audio production company…that becomes the Air Company… pant loads of awards…more success…more awards…yadda yadda yadda…Labatts comes along with an offer he can’t refuse, and merges with Syd to become SuperCorp, and now they own a whack of production companies and studios. Four years later, a $10M a year business turns into a $150M a year business and controls 68% of the advertising market. It’s a marriage made in beer! But then the inevitable happens: a change in corporate direction. Syd sells his shares and starts the Ke$$ler group. Sure, there’s more success, and more ads…but he has nothing to prove now. So he starts investing in things he believes in. People he believes in. Projects he believes in.

He’s our mentor, our guiding light, and our allowance dispenser. Yes, he still makes himself available to us for advice and expertise…(after all you don’t build an empire through incompetence - unless you work at Enron…but that’s another story). However, having assured his legendary status in the advertising industry, Syd now makes time to pursue his life-long dream of becoming a child actor.

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