Writer, Creative Director, Communications Consultant
Aka: Creative Genius

What does this guy not do?!
He Co-Chairs a group called Doctors for Research Integrity to ensure no chimps are ever harmed in the name of science.

He runs his own agency called Naked Creative Consultancy as well as Two Door Communications. He was a partner and creative director in Creative Interchange & SuperCorp, and a whack of other places too.

Remember SCTV? He was in on that…as associate producer and creative consultant. Does it get better than that? Yes. Who are Canada’s favorite hosers? The McKenzie Brothers. Well get this: Marc also wrote and produced Great White North and Strange Brew albums.
But wait: there’s more.
He writes!
(Columbus answers all Charges; Wankers Guide to Canada, Paranoids Guide to Them; Illustrated Child,Great White North and Strange Brew .)

He directs!

In fact, he directed Pierre Trudeau (the CBC Tribute show, that is, not the prime minister).

He has a record of distinguished military service in the Queen’s Own Rifles as a 2nd Lieutenant (Note: Marc had to use one of the Queen’s own rifles as he does not possess weapons of his own.).

Marc has been nominated* for and received** pant loads of awards for all his efforts over the years. There’s the obscure ones you might not recognize (so why bother rattling those snoozers off), but the good ones include Clios**, Advertising Hall of Fame**, Junos**, Grammys*, and a couple of Emmys**.

No, he doesn’t have a Nobel prize, yet. But there’s still time for that…

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